the mariners

i have been a mariners fan since they came to seattle. in fact, dad brought me to the second game ever– in the kingdome. he also brought me to pilots games at the old sicks stadium where the rainiers used to play.

in the kingdome, i still remember walking through the tunnel onto the third base side and seeing the field for the first time. it didn’t matter that it was astroturf. this was our team! my favorites were julio cruz and enrique romo

i hope that we aren’t too abysmal this coming season. m’s fans have learned to have lowered expectations these past years…


  1. Steve Niskanen says:

    The M’s are my favorite team, and I think we’re the only one never to have gone to the World Series. No matter! We should be better this year. We’re quite a bit younger, many new names, talent just waiting to be revealed and unleashed! Maybe we should bring back the Trident? My favorite players of old were the Cruzer, Craig Reynolds, Ruppert Jones, and Skip Jutze. And who can forget Bill the Beerman and Dave “Fly Away” Niehaus.


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      Amen my Buddha bruddah! It was great to yell, “Roooooooop”. Rick the peanut guy came later but he could really throw those peanut bags


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