Getting Old

i love my daily calendar from “the onion”. the above pic will make me laugh/smile all day

after 50, life changes. we could no longer do what we did in our mid 20s. but i LIKE getting older! we view the world differently because we have experienced many things: loss, heartbreak, peace through solitude, healing, the powerful mystery of God…

graces at this age are different too. in our better moments, we can see the utter passing nature of things; of life. this helps us be thankful for the present moment and what we do have and the person that i am: with all my weaknesses and imperfections. it helps us calm the inevitable fears that come with life. the Spirit blesses us differently.

i pray that the crosses of getting older are not too heavy and that we all have the blessing to age gracefully

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  1. beccamac2001 says:

    Love my time with our grands,,,,,,my chickens came home to roost with one of em, ever heard that phrase Fr.?
    Looks like we will be getting plenty in the next weeks….


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