the Good News

the good news (gospel) of our faith comes primarily from four books in the bible: matthew, mark, luke and john. for me, the best, concise summary of the message of good news comes from the biblical scholar luke johnson. this two point framework has been helpful for me when the grayness and messiness of our world muddies up how we ought to respond in faith. it also helps us to see love, not primarily as a feeling, but in the gospel way. here is his summary:

radical obedience to God

utter self-giving to others

when we look at some of the well known parts of the gospel (such as the lord’s prayer, the beatitudes, the good samaritan, the beatitudes, the passion, the washing of feet at the last supper), we can easily see how they can relate to these two summary points.

how would you summarize the message of our faith? what are the non-negotiables of love?

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