the Spirit and our humanity’s blindness

in chuck klosterman’s book “but what if we are wrong”, he argues that future generations will look at the present age very differently than what we see now. the copernican revolution and quantum physics are two examples. he argues that this human condition blinds us and that we need humility, skepticism, and wonder to live the present well.

this blindness exists in our faith and our understanding of God too.

today’s readings ( ) speak to blindness as part of the human condition. david’s father and brothers were blind to see a potential king among them; psalm 23 reminds us that the Lord is our shepherd and we have all we need; paul’s letter contextualizes our life in darkness and the gift of light among us and to stay awake

the gospel shows the conversion of (hu)man(ity) born blind. one who is born blind cannot see what is in front of them. jesus opens the eyes of a blind (hu)man(ity) and now we can see the world differently– everything is new with open eyes and hearts

today, the Holy Spirit leads and guides us now out of darkness into light. the Spirit helps us see the present more clearly– not as the past. the Spirit helps us see Christ among us in the here and now. the Spirit helps us respond and serve those in need among us: to love. amidst suffering, the Spirit gives us grace in our weakness.

as our world today lives with the uncertainty of coronavirus/covid 19 among us, fear will invade our being. today’s message of the light to see can help us respond with prudence, service, care, peace and courage. fear does not have the last word

seeing our world through this prism of light will be our hope– even as we carry our crosses. this pandemic is something that our world has never seen before. but the Spirit helps us open our eyes are open and will guide us out of this darkness into light with the gift of courage.

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