Claretian response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Fr. General, Mathew Vattamattam CMF, the global leader of us Claretian Missionaries, sent a letter as regarding a Claretian response to the pandemic COVID-19. He lives in Rome and has seen the Italian response firsthand. One of his many roles for us Claretians is to give us an international perspective in seeing our call to serve.

This crisis is a test of faith for all of us. The Spirit’s gifts will help and guide us in this cross. I continue to pray for the needed graces for us all.

here are some of Fr. Mathew’s reflections to help us as Claretians (as well as you) respond to the Pandemic:

Attitude: We respond to the pandemic with Christian and Claretian attitudes and virtues. I would underscore calmness (no panicking), faith (not given to helplessness), hope (not desperation and gloom) and love (never indifferent and not spiritual sloth).”

Draw from the fountain: we need spiritual strength… like Moses who lifted his arms to the Lord to strengthen Israel in the battle (Ex 17:11), we shall lift our hearts in prayer during the “stay home” asking for wisdom and strength for the health professionals and civil authorities who are in the forefront to address the perilous situation”

Let the Word of God illumine you. As servants of the word, this is a time to nurture ourselves and others with the word of God. The word of God gives us deeper insight and understanding into the events that happen in and around us. All events in history are signs of God’s saving action. The current situation is opening the eyes of many humans to many realities: the ecological disaster that we have been mindlessly heading to satisfy human greed;the fundamental equality of all humans before impending death; the benefit of animals and plants when humans reduced pollution; the value and need for posing the rollercoasting life and being at home with dear ones; the need to fight the invisible common enemy together forgetting differences.”

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