planting seeds

my father always loved being in his vegetable/fruit garden. ever since i can remember, we had italian plums, snow peas, tomatoes, rhubarb, eggplant etc. he canned the extra so that in the winter we had veggies.

he used to get mad at me for eating the non-ripe sour rhubarb before its time!

i have dug out a couple of plots in the back and just put down the compost. getting some advice from my friend, farmer charlie, i will plant some lettuce, blueberries and strawberries this week.

i had planned on doing this yard project even before the coronavirus quarantine. it will be helpful to pass the time outside, sequestered.

i do not have a green thumb. in the past, every time i had a houseplant on my desk, it dies. so we’ll see what happens with this garden.

one way or another, it has been good to get out dig around and imagine my dad in this same garden and the countless hours he spent here.

today is a new day! the Lord can plant/water seeds in our life. let’s hope i do not kill what God can sustain…


  1. Shelly Sailer says:

    Good soil, water and sun is all you need! You’ve got this! Sounds like a terrific project! Post some pics of the fruits of your labor as things grow. 👍🏻 🌱


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      thanks for the affirmation shelly! i am cautiously pessimistic since i can’t even keep a desk ivy alive. LOL


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