the passion is now

i liked the musical godspell better than the movie the passion of the Christ.  tomorrow is passion sunday. it is known also as palm sunday because of Jesus’ triumphant ride into Jerusalem to fulfill his destiny. but the passion describes the celebration more fully: it all leads up to jesus suffering on calvary. while the movie the passion of the Christ showed the tremendous suffering of jesus in his last days, there is no context for it. in this film, we just experience jesus’ pain without knowing who he is. godspell on the other hand shows jesus at the beginning from his public ministry until the resurrection. there are some great songs that seal the deal too!! godspell develops the relationship between jesus and his followers jesus’ called them to walk with him. they were taught by him, saw his miracles and power– they came to know the love that jesus had for them through it all. then because of their confusion and fear, they betrayed and abandoned him when jesus was showing his true love. this was the pain of they felt when jesus showed his suffering and death on the cross. then they experienced the resurrection power of Jesus’ love when he returned to them, chose them again and then gave them his power, strength and hope. jesus faithfully fulfills his promises. the full context is why I sob every time I see godspell live. that is why I saw the passion of the Christ when it came out — and never again. this is why– in my better moments– I see the cross and resurrection played out today. the whole world right now is experiencing the suffering and cross. we are seeing Christ’ pain and death in the people who suffer and die because of the sickness and death that this virus and covid19 thrust upon the shoulders of our neighbors/friends/family/healthcare friends. the passion is now the readings of passion sunday can give us a rich reflection in faith. it is about the pascal mystery then and now in our world today. here they are: may the Spirit give you the graces of the risen Christ who is with us in the pain of our passion today. may the gifts of the Spirit help us walk with one another in loving service and patient endurance through the cross.

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