betrayal and rejection before the cross

today’s gospel reading (MT 26:14—27:66 ) for passion sunday is powerful. it saddens me that two of jesus’ closest friends, judas and peter, betrayed and denied him at the most vulnerable time of jesus’ life: his destiny at calvary. peter and judas shine a light on our own weaknesses of faith and the actions that betray and deny jesus in us and, collectively, in the world in which we live.

approaching the cross and our reaction to it help us see the judas and peter within each of us.

as we enter into the holiest of weeks, we live in a quarantined world that challenges our faith in a unique way: we cannot physically gather together in liturgy as a community to experience the Spirit of love that comes through the paschal mystery– life, suffering, death, and resurrection– of jesus. we can be even more vulnerable and weaker as followers of christ because of it

but the Spirit surprises us in ways that we cannot plan or see right now. grace will again come through these crosses that we carry— just differently than other holy weeks in the past. we can see our own betrayals and rejections from a different perspective.

i invite us all to do a deeper reflection on today’s gospel of the passion in the next couple of days. may the Spirit grace us with all the gifts that come from the various rejections and betrayals as we approach the crosses before us

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