spending time at home isn’t always so great

in the 1990s, i was a campus minister at southwest texas state university in san marcos. it was a wonderful time of life, faith, and ministry —i was new priest. before breaks such as thanksgiving and christmas, i would notice various students who would stay in san marcos until the last minute before going home. they would also come back as soon as possible.

it was then when i realized that the goal for them was to spend as little time as possible with their families. despite all the feel good stories on the local news about how some families are becoming closer during this quarantine through shared activities, there are many families that not only do not get along, but experience various types of abuse in the home. this is where the axiom, “familiarity breeds contempt” rings true. one way to cope with these non ideal situations is to leave as soon as possible.

in the various parishes that i have worked, domestic abuse was the biggest problem. this familial violence was not unrelated to the issues of poverty, alcohol/drug abuse, gun violence, machismo etc.

in our stay-at-home orders from the government, let us especially pray for and support those families where life is difficult in the best of times. let’s pray the Spirit bring healing where families have hurt one another


  1. Nora Mozingo says:

    Father this is so true! Just today the secretary at my school informed us of a student being in CPS care. My heart broke! My prayers are with all students whose home is a scary place to be 24/7. May God find these children and be their light. Thanks for posting!


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      yes nora, you have seen more than i have over the years. in our best moments we can see through the superficial and see the real hurt that exists in so many families. we pray the Spirit over all parents


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