good friday part 1

to me, today– good friday– has always felt like a funeral day. fasting and self denial are appropriate. solemn silence and mourning are needed today. jesus this day sheds light on the power of death and suffering in our world and in our own lives.

with so many people dying from this covid-19 pandemic, this good friday offers us an opportunity to see death with the eyes of faith. and we will continue to see real suffering and death because of it. we may not readily see it in our own backyards but there are still so many areas where the coronavirus has yet surfaced or peaked.

where will these “hotbeds” be? los angeles? sao paulo? lagos?

will we cease to care about others when our own stay-at-home order is lifted and we are not personally affected? must suffering and death affect us personally for our compassion to show?

how will i spend today differently than others– knowing that the funeral is here?

maybe the Spirit invites us to go deeper into these scripture readings:

maybe to walk with jesus on the various stations of the cross:

more to come…

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