good Friday part 2

the cross on which jesus died was an instrument of the death penalty in biblical times. jesus died from capital punishment. obviously, he was jailed before meeting this fate of crucification.

in Chicago, IL, the cook county jail has over 300 inmates with the coronavirus. many more will contract it because they cannot be six feet apart. is this their death sentence? how will those authorities respond? is there an outcry for their human lives?

I can easily imagine people thinking, “they are just criminals, let them die”. if we say that we follow jesus, this thought ought to give us pause. the crowd in the biblical account of Jesus’ passion shouted “crucify him” when asked what should happen to jesus. how different are we really? or how indifferent…

in matthew 25, jesus taught us that “when I was in prison, you visited me”. you dared to care. indeed the body of Christ suffers and dies today. do we care?

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