let’s continue to celebrate!

in our catholic faith, we celebrate “octaves” for the most important feasts– christmas and easter. for eight days, we celebrate easter sunday! i like this liturgical highlight. i just wish pentecost would be celebrated as an octave too. she is one of the persons of the holy trinity and ought to get props…

i’d like to extend this concept to other celebrations too. what would you like to celebrate for eight days straight? your son’s birthday? your anniversary? the sonics 1979 championship? getting fired from your worst job?

life is too short to NOT celebrate… let’s extend the special events and celebrate for eight days!

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  1. lannyjlarson says:

    I agree, in particular about Pentecost. The whole concept of a Holy Spirit is both difficult to grasp and defining. More time devoted to thoughtful consideration flowing from the Pentecost feast would be a great beginning.

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