kubota garden

walking distance from my house is the most beautiful japanese park in the seattle area– kubota garden. it really is a gift to the public to see this beauty– in rainier beach!! i especially like going to the top of the hill where the waterfall starts.

i remember sneaking in when i was a kid when it was still the kubota’s family property. their house was on the northern edge on renton avenue (i think). it was always a little mysterious and mischievous to walk through the gardens when we really were not supposed to be there.

most people from area have never been to kubota garden; many have perhaps never even heard of it. that’s ok with me. when i walked there the other day, i saw a total of six people. social distancing is not difficult in this park!

God gifts us with beauty; nature is an important part of creation. kubota garden is truly a gift from God! if you live in the seattle area and have never been there, GO! you will thank yourself for making the effort as your heart will be filled with God’s goodness.

check out: https://www.kubotagarden.org/

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