the clippers’ curse (is my curse)

i became a los angeles clippers fan in 1985 and remain a follower to this day.

I had just moved to orange county to begin work. it was difficult to get LA laker tickets because of their popularity. I really liked the showtime lakers led by kareem and magic.

so I started going to clippers games in the sports arena. cheap seats were $8 but you could really sit anywhere since there were only 3-4,000 people in attendance. but those who came were blue collar fans, a raucous crowd; I felt at home immediately.

but the clippers were a terrible team. as soon as one of their players did well, he would sign with another team or want a trade. from 1985-2005, the clips made the playoffs three times and lost in the first round each time. the clips were the best farm system for the nba. but they were often blue collar, tough teams– which I really like. and it was nba hoops!

when we lost the seattle sonics, clipper (and knicks) hoops became primary for me

fast forward to the blake griffin and chris paul years. the clips were finally legit. making the playoffs was assumed and there was an excitement to their style of play. the coach, doc rivers, held respect through it all since he won the championship with the Celtics in 2008.

this season, the clippers were a top team with the additions of kahwi leonard and paul george. with an already solid base of patrick beverly, montrezl harrell, lou williams, zubac et al. midseason, we added marcus morris and reggie williams. by march, they were the hottest nba team winning nine of their last ten games. they had beaten the top team in the west, the lakers, three games out of four. although the Milwaukee buck were playing great basketball, the clips had a legit chance to win it all this year. I WAS ECSTATIC!!!

then coronavirus hit and the games stopped… and will not return in the foreseeable future

maybe it’s all part of the clipper curse? maybe it’s just part of my personal nba suffering? sports crosses are lighter than other crosses, but crosses nonetheless — for me at least.

I am not a proponent that a team is a loser just because it does not win the championship. only one team out of 30 wins it all. but among the sonics, knicks and clippers the last nba championship was the sonics in 1979. please throw this dog a bone sometime soon…


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