this happens during mass

the past seven sundays, i have presided the spanish mass at christ our hope in downtown seattle. it has been recorded at 1:00 and then shown at 5:00. i am grateful for their invitation to celebrate this mystery with them.

there is a whole different feel to worship when there are only eight of us ministers and i am looking into a camera much of the time. there is an energy from people physically gathered as the body of christ that is missing.

but there is something different in our worship now with these needed restrictions— and it is all grace and the Spirit’s action.

during the eucharistic prayer– especially during the consecration– i get the feeling of being UNIVERSALLY connected to everyone and our world. i have prayed these words at the altar literally thousands of times over my 26 years as a Claretian but there is a different freshness now. in these moments, i pray and am present to God’s love for all, for our world. it is a pure grace because i also realize that it is not because of me with all of my sins that makes this happen. ex opere operato

in these moments in worship, i think to myself, “there is no other place i would rather be right now”– just being in the mystery of God’s love in the eucharist is enough. indeed, bread for the journey…

ever had that sense/feeling/experience? i hope so!

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