get that good energy going!

one of my pages is, “Fitness and Health as Gifts”. i described fitness as not only a hobby but a lifestyle. to me, it is also about stewardship. God has only given each of us one body; it is our responsibility to take good care of God’s gifts. here is where i am at today:

working out in the morning is one of my favorite time of the day. i can literally feel my whole being change when i get the blood flowing. it is a connection to prayer energy too and i am at my best to pray in the morning (especially when i used to be in full time ministry). it is part of spiritual energy since it is all connected: spirit, body, mind, soul. i am not sure how it all works but i do know that it exists and i know when i am in harmony with it all (and when i am not). in public, i try to keep the physical part low key because vanity can easily enter into this equation.

my workouts have been very consistent over the years. generally, i am on a daily split with one main body part per. legs, chest, back, shoulders. i do not do isolation but compound exercises that engage the whole body. so, my workouts are generally about 30 minutes. i go by instinct when it comes to cardio and abs. i do an adapted high intensity interval training (HIIT) for cardio; ab wheel and planks for abs

but every now and then, i need to switch it up to stay fresh. in the past i have done crossfit, jogging, yoga, walks. i needed a change last week and had been considering options…

my good friend, dave, gave me a good alternative to my regular routine– three days on; one off– so i am going to switch it up for the next four weeks. i’ll do cardio and abs on the off day. had a good start to this new routine so i thought i’d write about it

i do not feel like a 57 year old. dave and i want to be able to walk into a gym when we are 80 and feel like we do today! that is a good long term fitness goal i think. jack lalanne and arnold would be proud of us. i would like to minister actively well into my 90s if God gives me a long life…

may you have great energy today!


  1. I remember when playing basketball was part of your fitness regimen. These days, I’m back to playing tennis!!


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      being at swt was a wonderful time in my life for many reasons. physically, since I was going to the gym on campus daily, I was stronger there since I hit my full “grown man strength”. and it was easy to join into some pick up hoops almost anytime too. my ankles and knees can’t handle full court b-ball anymore– especially on concrete

      good for you getting back to tennis. it’s one of those sports that you can play at any age!

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