my mother

happy mother’s day mom!

as usual, this year is different from all the previous mother’s days. yes, i bought you some beautiful roses that will put a smile on your face. but you won’t remember them in ten minutes. but they will bring ANOTHER joyful moment when you see them again– like for the first time

i cannot thank you enough for all the good that you have done for me over the years. i know that since we have similar personalities, that we have clashed over the years for various reasons– none of those are important now. i know that we have forgiven each other and you will have to continue to forgive me still for all the times that i am impatient with you in this new era of life. i still react to you at times instead of remembering that you are doing the best with what you have now as a 96 year old woman.

I thank God for you mom and i love you so much

i pray the Lord bless you with flower-graced-smiles all the days of your life. i pray may i be an instrument of the Spirit for you mom. i pray that each day brings you peace of mind and joy from God

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