one lesson from the covid-19 pandemic

several weeks ago, a friend of mine commented that the pandemic is nature’s way of revenge against us humans. the comment gave me pause.

on may 18th, our claretians missionary superior general in rome, Fr. Mathew Vattamattam CMF, who is the head of all claretians worldwide, wrote:

The pandemic has obliged the whole world to enter a kind of global retreat to introspect and reflect on human life which is often lived as in a roller coaster without the possibility to pose and reflect on more important values of life. The interconnectedness of all creation and the responsibility of humans to care for one another and all creation became more evident in these days. The rest of creation (the environment, animals, birds, fish, etc.) seems to have relaxed and rejuvenated when humans were in lockdown. If we do not journey together and care for the well-being of everyone including nature, we will bear its tragic consequences together.

i have noticed that i can see the skyscrapers in downtown seattle most days now since there is very little traffic. in the past, the smog from cars would not allow this. indeed we are interconnected in God’s creation. we need to care for each other in this time of crisis and we need to learn these lessons of how we are just PART of nature. we can live harmoniously is to be good stewards of the gift of creation that God has given us.

life and creation– pure gifts

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  1. lannyjlarson says:

    Great perspective and right on in all directions. Folks keep telling us to take care of ourselves and each other, but our caring needs to be much more broadly extended.


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