the power of resurrection love

God has made us for love.

no one wants to feel that they are all alone, forgotten and that no one cares or loves them. the fear of abandonment can negatively affect our relationships. the resurrection of Jesus helps us overcome fear in our lives. perfect love casts out fear– resurrection is another aspect of Jesus’ love for us. this is a grace given to us with– love without condition.

part of faith is knowing in our hearts that Jesus stays true to his promises and words to us. so when we hear the words of today’s gospel, “i am with you always”, we can take comfort that even in the deepest most difficult crosses and painful deaths, that we are not alone. Jesus is with us and gives his love freely. this gives us the peace of Christ that soothes our fears. it prepares us to receive anew the Spirit as in pentecost. Jesus presence in our lives strengthens our faith in these promises– this leads to knowing in our hearts God’s never ending love for us

i pray that the Holy Spirit gives us all the graces to know this constant presence of love in our lives and in the world. may we share what we have been gracefully given with all that we encounter this day!

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