simplify life for a refocused purpose

on netflix last night, i saw documentary of a couple of guys– the minimalists, i had first seen them on youtube in 2014 and then read through their website. their message is about simplifying life for greater meaning and purpose; i love their perspective.

this ideal of simple living has challenged my commitment in life as a vowed claretian priest. one of the axioms that i had learned over the years is: the more stuff you have, the more time you have to spend with your stuff. a corollary is: do i own my stuff or does my stuff own me?

i need to be constantly renewed in this challenge! to see this documentary helps me realize that i need to do some purging in life again…

so many people live with a great stress and anxiety because of the consumerist lifestyle that our US culture inherently promotes. many live without purpose; in crushing debt. each of us has to examine these areas for themselves.

here are a couple of take aways for me: what brings me joy and purpose? does this thing (whatever specific thing) in my life add value? does having this thing happen because of a deliberate choice and enhance meaning for me or did i get it because of unthinking consumption? how can i declutter my life in order to refocus on what is really important?

being in my mom’s home in seattle has added a new challenge: various artifacts from the past five decades. how will i respond to the above questions with so many sentimental things around?

how might you respond in your own life?

check out:

the minimalists on netflix;


  1. Roy Peggy says:

    It is an wonder article you have shared with many followers. As always, may the Lord our God always guides you and the Holy Mother’s blessings be with you throughout your life. Roy and Peggy


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      peggy and roy– you are always too kind! God bless you always


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