love amidst covid-19

in over two months, the number of covid deaths globally is more than 350,000; in the usa we will hit 100,000 today.

each person has a story; each has a history. we are going to see many many many more deaths because of this virus. there is no vaccine yet. most people are trying to do their part but there are so many constraints.

in our world, so many of us expect things to happen instantly. in part, technology has driven this attitude. technology is helping speed up the process to defeat this pandemic– thank God!

one of the teaching of our catholic faith is the common good. from my perspective, this is love at a social level. we are doing the good for the benefit of all in society. like all true love, this involves sacrifice. to slow the spread of the virus, we have been asked to stay home, wear masks, stay six feet apart as a safe social distance– these are our sacrifices. since march, the seattle area has been expected to do these actions for the common good– especially for our elderly brothers and sisters and those health conditions and are more vulnerable.

but is seems like so many people have tired of doing these actions and want life to go back to normal. we are FAR from normal though.

moving on from these changes is understandable because of the extra stressors such as losing one’s job, having to monitor kids and their on-line learning while they can’t go to school, being locked up like prisoners in our own homes etc.

another problem is that some of our civic leaders seem to put more importance on the dow jones levels than the lives of real people. the response to the virus has even been politicized now which will further complicate common and needed responses.

in over two months, the number of covid deaths globally is more than 350,000; in the usa we will hit 100,000 today. and there will be MANY more.

for many of us, if we do not see a problem, it does not exist. it is much more challenging to self sacrifice for others when the problem is distant from us. but if we give up on the common good– if we fail to love– people will continue to die from this virus

if you live in an area that has not seen the challenging numbers, thank God and continue to pray to the Spirit to have open hearts for those who are suffering. if you live in one of the hotspots and/or metro areas, ask God to give you the grace to continue to care and to help us persevere in what we can do with social distancing and wearing masks— and to help get food to those families in need.

and for us all, pray for our brothers and sisters in the upcoming hotspots such as brazil, mexico, south africa and nigeria. may the Lord have mercy on those families who will experience death and suffering because of this virus.

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  1. I think, as a whole, we are immune to the numbers. Hitting 100,000 deaths should be a big deal and cause us pause. Until someone we love is lost, I fear we will continue to live selfishly because self-isolating, staying home, and social distancing is inconvenient. And heaven forbid we be inconvenienced!


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