my exercise update!

today will be just a quick musing on exercise and physical activity. here is my overall perspective on health etc:

i am currently on a three days on (chest/shoulders; back forearms; legs); cardio day rest day; and three days on split. thanks to my dear friend dave of york’s gym for this routine.

i had tweaked my right shoulder a few months ago so i have adjusted the angles on certain exercises. but i have been feeling pretty good the past couple of weeks and have not thought much about that right shoulder.

so tomorrow i am going to break it up and do a crossfit benchmark that i have been using for a several years now called “the cindy”. it consists of a round of five pull ups; ten pushups; 15 air squats. as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. i prefer to stay as close as possible to bodybuilding form instead of the crossfit’s kipping version. after 40, one of my axioms is “avoid injury”. kipping at my age is not good. it has been close to a year since i have done “the cindy” and i am jazzed to do it tomorrow– it is totally taxing physically.

i am glad that i am a morning person with my workouts since i have basically become a netflix couch potato these past months. NBA please return as soon as possible!!

i hope that you all are doing something with regard to exercise and/or physically activity. it energizes us and makes us better people overall since it is all connected– mind, body soul.


  1. Lori K Pollett says:

    Best for your new routine! I’ve not heard of the “kipping” before. I fully subscribe to physical activity and it’s connection to the mind and soul.


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      amen lori! yeah, kipping is just using a lot of momentum to do the reps– the polar opposite to “strict rep”. may you have Spirit-great energy today!


  2. I have definitely working out more since quarantine times. Outdoor boot camp, tennis, running and hiking are all part of the regular routine these days! Hopefully I can keep it up when things go back to “normal”.


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      go for it susy!!

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