old school michael jackson

i remember saturday mornings in the early 70s, i would get really excited to watch the jackson 5 cartoons. if i remember, they were competing with the osmonds cartoons which i never watched! michael was a few years older than i was so i have followed him from the beginning– the motown days.

a lot of folks thought that his billy jean moonwalk in 1983 was his most memorable TV wow moment. for me, it was early 70s michael doing the robot! we– the kids at the filipino community center– went crazy over that dance!!

and for a lot of folks, thriller was their favorite MJ album. but for me, off the wall is my personal favorite (with destiny by the jacksons being 1b).

MJ was great. it’s too bad he got weird as time went on– especially with his fixation on boys. this tarred his image. but old school MJ music and dance still makes me happy

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