defunding the police to bring NEW vision

when i hear “defund the police” i think of it as a way to re-prioritize public resources. for example, so many police departments buy hardware that was intended for military use. we do not need that for our peacemakers who protect and serve. another sense is community development: how much funds go into the police being really involved in the community instead of posing for photo ops?

it can be done as it was in camden nj:

it is about reimagining what these various needs and relationships need to flourish and minimize the abuses of power. my friend vanessa white from chicago posted this:

Imagine this with me for a moment. A guy falls asleep after drinking. He’s in line for Wendy’s because he’s needing some late night greasy food. He’s been out with his friends all night and he’s super tired. He falls asleep. An employee notices and goes inside.They call 911.The driver wakes up to a gentle tap on the window. He rolls it down. He’s a little confused and disoriented.“Hi. My name is Stacy. I’m a social worker and I just wanted to make sure you are alright?”“I just fell asleep.”“I understand. This is my colleague, their name is Dominque. They want to go order your meal for you while we talk. What did you want?”“A number four with a coke.”“Would you mind pulling your car over there so we can talk? Dominique will be getting that meal for you.”“Ok, just a second. Am I in trouble?”“No, we just want to make sure you are safe and that everyone else on the road is safe. Can we do that together?”“I can do that!”After a conversation, Stacy and Dominique decide that they are pretty sure they can confirm that the driver has been drinking. They ask a lot of questions about his drinking habits. They determine that he clearly doesn’t have a drinking problem. He just rarely drinks, didn’t know his limits, and made a mistake to get behind the wheel.After his meal, the driver is feeling much better. The social workers offer to have his car towed to his house and an Uber comes to pick him up.In this scenario, Rayshard Brooks is still alive. He’s given compassionate and reasonable care. This is what community should look like. This is a way we could re-envision what our response could be as a society. This is what it would look like to defund the police

let’s pray for the eyes and will that have a new vision that shows us that black lives matter and that jesus’ teaching of doing for others as connected to how we treat jesus. (matthew 25: 31ff)

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