just say no– to dieting

here are some principles that i attempt to live by. our bodies are connected and can flourish according to lifestyle not (just) dieting. here are my random thoughts about our bodies:

when we care for our bodies, our mental, spiritual and emotional lives improve too. it is all connected

energy– how much do we have? it’s all about the metabolism: how does my body use and take in energy? a body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest. just keep moving and doing physical activity. ironically, the more we move, the more energy we have.

breathing well is not appreciated in our culture. we are not conscious of how we breathe and the physical benefits that come with slow, deep breathing.

connected to breath is our flexibility and balance. the more, the better

resistance training is key to energy level, strength, and losing fat. it raises one’s metabolism. cardio has its place for heart health and lung efficiency/capacity.

ketosis is an important way to burn body fat. it is probably the key to how i see calorie intake and the main way i stay within my ideal weight range. my weight and energy level determine my diet for the day: i might do intermittent fasting. i might down 1500 calories on an in-and-out double-double animal style burger, strawberry shake and large fries! it just depends.

i sleep better with an empty stomach

both arnold schwarzenegger and my 97 year old mother eat oatmeal daily. it has become one of my goals too

ultimately, it is about good stewardship: God has given us one body. it is a gift and we ought to take care of it as best we can

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