basketball during coronavirus

i miss NBA basketball!

i was SO excited before march because my LA clippers had won nine of their last ten games and were peaking at the right time going into the playoffs. i was watching every nuance of the nba…

since march and the shutdown because of coronavirus, i have not thought a ton about one of my main hobbies. we are in a very different place as a society and world. but for me, it has always been one of my main pastimes. so i have to wait one more month before the return to the games in the orlando “bubble”.

part of me just wants to see the best athletes in the world again. part of me thinks that this is a bad idea– especially now that florida’s covid19 cases are setting record numbers. sixteen players have the virus; depending on who they are, some teams will be more affected than others. there will be no fans in the stands so the energy of the game will be like no other time in nba history.

i would not have been too disappointed if the whole season was cancelled.

the decision to salvage the season is driven by money– billions of dollars are at stake. for many years now the green has affected how the nba operates. the hardcore fans like me will watch, but pretty much only we will go the extra mile.

whoever wins the championship will have a big * next to their names in the record books. and God forbid that one of the big marketing names– lebron, the beard, the greek freak– get the virus. << sigh >>

oh well, GO CLIPPERS!!

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  1. I feel the same way about tennis! Plans are set to start real tournaments in August, including the US Open. But some of the top tennis players have already proven to be irresponsible during the exhibition tournaments, that it’s ruining it for everyone. Sad times.


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