more random nba thoughts

a providential socially distanced visit yesterday took me out of my afternoon korean dramas on netflix and got me thinking NBA. ahhh– pro hoops is such great gift from God!! so thanks to mark and a new acquaintance from oakland– ron. anytime i get to think about the nba, it gives my heart joy

so here are some random musings swirling in my mind right now:

the nba are fools to resume the season in orlando right now. florida is a hotspot for covid19 right now. their bubble might minimize the spread more than usual, but this move is motivated more about current and future losses in revenue. at what cost, mr. silver and owners?

if they see this bubble season-end through, there should be three *** given the champs (unless it’s the clippers!)

al attles was one tough nba hombre. along with jerry sloan, paul silas, george karl, scott skiles, tom thibodeau and wes unseld are the other nba coaches who i would want to have my back in a street brawl

why don’t nba players shoot free throws underhanded? because it’s not cool looking. never mind that it is the one sure fire way to get perfect backspin on the ball…

there are various variations on the hook shot and certainly an evolution. why hasn’t anyone to emulate kareem’s sky hook? he is still the all time most points guy in the league and it is an effective shot.

i still lament that gary payton wasn’t primarily guarding jordan in the 1996 finals until game 4. that series would have been VERY different if karl put the glove on mj from the start. no way in hades we would have lost those first three games in a row

when will the sonics return? i look forward to the day! til then, i’m still bitter about all things okc blunder robbing us and our…

the gs warriors will be a good team when the splash brothers return in full force. but their run of nba finals is over. both la clippers and lakers would beat them in a 7 game series. the west reminds me of the parity of the 90s west.

it pisses me off that nba tickets/experience are so expensive these days

i think it’s funny how even mediocre players try to “brand” themselves for financial gain. jordan has ruined it for everyone. even the great shaq has to push insurance from the general

sneakerheads: look up how hakeem olajuwon and stephon marbury tried to market economical sneakers as a response to mj’s climbing sneaker costs since the late 80s. nike had inflated the market and changed the imaginations of millions of kids. 5th avenue knows how to tap into our hearts. there’s a reason on of the commandments is “thou shalt not covet”

the best way a player can get better at free throws– read a book from cover to cover. a missing key to free throw success is concentration and it’s what is lacking in many players game today

the developmental league is an improvement for the nba. not all kids are cut out for college and the one and done rule leaves a bad taste in my mouth. kids over 18 should be able to drafted if the teams want to roll the dice.

the nba athletes are the greatest of all the team sports. generally they are bigger, stronger and faster than other athletes and the skill set to play the game is high. they play both offense and defense. the nba not equal the constant running of soccer; the purely violent toughness of the nba/nhl; the precise intricacies of mlb. but in terms of the total package of these elements plus the pure athleticism of ballers makes them the greatest athletes on earth

ahhh, so many more thoughts on this saturday morning, but that’s enough for now.

go clippers!!

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