nba basketball is back and i am HAPPY!!

i teared up yesterday. i was watching the highlights of an NBA scrimmage between the LA clippers and orlando magic! i was just so happy that pro hoops was back

now that i have emotionally recovered, here are some inconsequential thoughts :

the nba should have not restarted the season. this “bubble” has too many holes. people will get the virus; people will die. most likely it will be a relative of a minimum wage worker who leaves the bubble daily. of course the nba will not publish this– they will be more tight lipped than china is about the real effects of the virus. but there is too much $$$ involved for the league— what price is human life, nba?

i now have to refresh my memory on the depth charts of the 22 teams. yes– each team can carry 16 players. you do the math. join me at ( )

the huge back drops behind the court that show previously recorded fans at pre-covid arenas are lame. just show the game!

i will have to see a real game to see if they pipe in crowd noise. i think that MLB is doing that

watching korean drama on netflix will significantly drop for me now that the nba is back.

i still hope for a clippers-bucks finals!!

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  1. We’ll see how it goes! I watched a bit of the baseball last night. Cardboard cutouts in the stands and the piped in crowd “cheers” are a little ridiculous. But, maybe it helped with the atmosphere there? Who knows. Just praying no lives are spared at the cost of live, national sports.


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