sharing love through the bible in the time of covid-19

it is easy to take for granted what we do when it is so close to us. it is difficult to step back and see things with a fresh set of eyes

i regret to admit that i had taken our claretian bible ministry for granted lately. the following article from agenzia fides helped me remember how wonderful and unique our good works are.

 “…launched 35 years ago in the Philippines… ‘The Bible Diary’ and “The Gospel of the Day” have been printed in 23 different languages and about one million copies are printed annually.”

this quote gave me pause: how many people are affected by the daily reflections from our bible ministry? how are the scriptures helping us through this pandemic?

i am thankful this morning by my association with my brother claretians who work so very hard to open up the Word of God to countless people all over the globe. we do not often tout our own gifts and talents but this is us at our best– being instruments of the Spirit.

i pray that many people around the world continue to grow in faith and the love of God and self-giving service to the Good News through the scriptures

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