my new love

i’m in love and here she is. i bought a new guitar– a martin

Martin Special DC Performing Artist Style Ovangkol

whenever i play my guitar, i think to myself, “you’re happy when you play– why don’t you do this more often?”. especially while this chapter in life for me is so different, music is an important way for me to pray. so, i have resolved to play the guitar daily in my life.

the first year that i moved back to seattle, i went through oregon catholic press’ music issue to find the songs that i had not played before and that i liked. after that, i bought the “spirit and song” worship aid from OCP and looked up good, new songs from that resource. this has taken me the better part of my second year here in seattle

there is a ton of really good liturgical music these days. if i did not have to preside at mass, i would love to lead congregational singing

here are a few of my current new favorite songs: revive us o God; we are the light; Christ in me arise; give us your peace; remain in me; holy spirit

one of my axioms about music has been: music exists to give us joy. but a related wisdom could be: music touches the deeper parts of our being and changes us

i suggest that OCP renames their hymnal: Spirit IN Song

may the song of God’s love and mercy remain in your heart and soul. may these graces through song give you a deep peace and joy


  1. I will always remember “And the Father will dance, on the day of joy…” from the Awakenings retreats! So much fun! p.s. beautiful guitar!


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      That dance always embarrassed me🤣
      I always remember how fast we played anthem. I broke so many strings during that song

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  2. Nora Mozingo says:

    YES….ME TOO! (Oh such great memories!)


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      my dancing embarrassed you too nora? =)

      Liked by 1 person

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