i think i’m in heaven!

the 2020 nba playoffs have begun! so i am singing…

the nba playoffs– not christmas– are the most wonderful time of the year!!

sixteen teams– eight matchups– four games a day! since the players are in the bubble in orlando the nba marketing team can’t spread the games out: teams play every other day. i hope every series– except one–goes seven games. here are my random nba playoff thoughts:

i want the clippers to win it all. i have been following them since 1986! we are due. other teams that i am cheering for are: the rockets (because of their small ball orientation and james harden); the lakers (because of lebron); the bucks (because of the lopez twins); the blazers (because of dame/CJ). i like the other teams but do not feel strongly one way or the other– except for the OKC thunder. i cheer AGAINST the blunder because it still hurts my heart that they had been transmogrified from the seattle sonics. but i feel weird because i really like three of their players (all former clippers): chris paul, danilo gallinari, and shai gilgeous-alexander. i hope that the OKC blunder lose each game by 20 points and get swept by the rockets in round one.

since there is not a home court advantage in this year’s playoffs, it will benefit the lower seeded teams as well as the more marginal and inexperienced players. in the past, there have been two or three plays that have turned a series because of the home crowd. the mistakes/turnovers this year will not have a raucous home crowd as a factor. i cannot speculate how this will affect the various matchups but it will be fun to watch since the series will be even more competitive.

jeff van gundy and doris burke are my favorite color commentators. jvg has no filter so much of what he says is raw and makes my laugh. doris is an insightful veteran announcer and is not a homer for any one team. i thankful that i do not have to listen to the many local teams’ announcers (the exceptions are the knicks and clippers) who have limited verbal abilities and are unabashed cheerleaders for their teams.

on each team, there are guys who are expected to do well, but the difference makers are often the role players. the following non-all stars (in no particular order or rationale) on each team could make a huge difference in the playoffs if they play better than their regular season abilities: doug mcdermott; kyle kuzma; markelle fultz; michael porter jr; brook lopez; marcus smart; marquis thuybelle; jordan clarkson; jusuf nurkic; lou williams; tim hardaway jr; pj tucker; andre roberson; tyler herro; jarrett allen and fred van vleet.

ahhh, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year! i pray that your hobby/pastime gives you as much joy as the nba– especially the playoffs–gives me!!!

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