my first pro baseball game!

recently, i found a seattle pilots hat at a thrift store!

in 1969, the pilots were the first mlb team that i ever saw. i was six. they were only in seattle for one season but there were some memorable moments for me. dad brought me to sick’s stadium and we sat in the left field bleachers. i remember that it was a sunny day. it happened to be tommy harper bat day so i got a bat. who doesn’t like free stuff at ball games! i had that bat for many years afterwards.

the thing i remember most was that i sat next to another kid. i spilled mustard off my hot dog on him. he cried out in frustration to his father, “daaaaaad!!” i remember just looking at him cover in mustard thinking to myself, “quit your whining.” this incident is embedded clearly in my memory!

ahhhh, my first pilots game. after they left, i remember going to some rainier’s (the minor league team) games before we got the kingdome and the mariners. been going ever since. we have the best minor league team in MLB!

but before the Ms were the pilots. i smile when i remember that glorious day.

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