walk with the underdogs

i love this wonderful song

this song gives us a glimpse on those who are at the margins– people who are poor and vulnerable. they have different struggles and need a different kind of accompaniment in faith. in catholic social teaching, this is the “preferential option for the poor”. it’s scriptural basis is matthew 25: 31ff: to feed the hungry, visit those who are ill and in prison, care for the stranger (immigrant) here is the teaching: ( https://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/what-we-believe/catholic-social-teaching/option-for-the-poor-and-vulnerable )

love is the key to all relationships. the origin and goal from God. love is shown in our intentions and actions— and we all fall short of this lofty goal. love of neighbor is how we love God. in our weakness, we need God’s mercy

the Spirit gives us eyes to see the underdogs in need of this care; the Spirit gives us the courage and strength to act on behalf of our brothers and sisters on the margins. one act can help a person find new hope in his or her life

how is the Spirit tugging our hearts to love today? who is in need right in front of us? what are the stories of those underdogs among us?

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