personal reflection on september 11th

in february 2019, i took the train from perth amboy nj to the 9-11 memorial in nyc. i arrived at 7:00am; there were a few people walking there on that drizzly day

as i walked around the memorial, i read various names of the people who had because of that terrorist attack. i wept as i prayed.

as i thought about each person and their families, i realized that their ultimate stories are known to God alone. God alone gives grace and healing as gifts. the power of the effects of tragedies leaves unimaginable scars on our hearts– especially to loved ones. these are the moments where the mystery of God’s love can shine through in new ways. only through our broken hearts can God’s healing peace enter

i pray for and end to terrorism everywhere. terror can rain upon us in surprise attacks, harsh words, personal unattended fears. may the Spirit give us courage to live through the hurt that terror brings into our world, into our lives. may we be instruments of that healing grace


  1. Nancy says:

    A friend of mine, Luther Tamayo whose brother Hector perished in the WTC terrorist attack, appreciated your prayers and words of comfort.


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      nancy, peace to you and your family and friends– especially for luther. may hector rest in peace


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