if i were the commissioner of the NBA

the proposed 72 game nba season scheduled to begin december 22nd is irresponsible. the travel involved in the midst of the covid pandemic will contribute to the spread of the virus.


i love the nba AND i take the covid pandemic seriously. here is my fix for the upcoming season balancing both of these considerations.

[side note: at this point, i am assuming that the olympics will not happen this summer]

beginning in february, one conference will play the whole month; the other conference will play in march. the rotation would continue for april and may. the games would be played in the bubble in florida just as the last season. all of the same covid safeguards will apply as teams would need to exit and enter the bubble for this “regular” season.

each team will play each other twice during each month. this four month season would amount to 60 games. that would be enough to separate the playoff teams from the rest. head to head games would be the tie breaker and if there is still a tie for the eighth spot, then a one game play-in to start the playoffs would determine who continues.

players, staff, administrators who violate the integrity of the bubble would be expelled and cannot return for the remainder of the season/playoffs. (this year, lou williams of the clippers broke the bubble and went to a strip club. he was allowed to return to games. in my system, we would be expelled)

those who have to leave the bubble for permissible reasons (deaths, births, emergencies) would have to follow the proper current covid protocols to return to the games/practice.

the playoffs would begin in june; the format would be the same as in 2020–the top eight teams in each conference would then play a best of seven series et cetera. games would be every other day.

the only regret i have with this system is that the top teams will not be able to play the other top teams outside their conference. the only time that would happen would be in the finals. this would be a huge asterisk upon the season for me.

it is a strange dance between the nba season/playoffs and the continued covid pandemic safety precautions. but the protocols are needed if the nba wants to play games and keep the $$$ flowing. and it would entertain millions of fans all over the world– yes, that includes ME!

in case you’re wondering: yes, i did wake up in the middle of the night thinking about how to resolve this strange dance. could it be a special revelation from God for my favorite sports league? =)

there are very few people in the world who care more about the nba than i do!

if you bothered to read these musings, i am open to suggestion of how to improve my nba fix. please let me know of your additions/changes!

in the meantime, i will await nba’s commissioner adam silver’s phone call so i can offer this fix! (insert rolling eyes emoji)

but since i am the commish here: i would bring back the sonics!!

if i do a part 2, i will add a prayer for the nba. 😉


  1. Fr. Art Gramaje for commissioner!


  2. frarthurcmf says:

    i wish! perhaps i can be their chaplain…


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