energizing habits for life

i found this noteworthy listicle on increasing one’s energy: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-nine-habits-to-increase-your-energy?utm_source=pocket-newtab

i was happy to find out that i regularly and consistently do six out of the nine. the six habits that i am happy with are: go to sleep early; exercise every day; 20 minute naps; do your hard work in the morning; get better friends; read better books. i do not want to comment on those habits since i am doing okay in those areas. i want to riff on the ones that i do not do!

Habit #5: Set Your Intention the Day Before. even before covid restrictions, i never thought much about the next day. my calendar dictated my actions. it seems like every day in seattle watching my mother is pretty much the same –i do whatever is needed. perhaps since boredom and routine dominate my day, maybe this habit could stir things up deliberately with “intentionality”. perhaps i can see this habit as daily aspirations/goals? maybe they could help me spend less time on the sofa and be more domestically productive. productivity though is not high on my list these days…

Habit #6: Sell Yourself on Your Goals. i would have thrown this habit off this listicle. it seems redundant if all the other habits–especially #5 and # 9 — are done well.

Habit #9: Align Your Life. i do agree that this habit is an on-going action in life. i would rename it for myself as “harmonizing reflection”. like most people in society, i can easily compartmentalize life and the various aspects of who i am. the challenge is getting these aspects to work in harmony with one another. i prefer the word harmony as opposed to balance to describe it. the notes of a guitar chord are all different but are played together harmoniously. that is the ideal with the different aspects of life: relational, work, play, rest, laughter, emotional, political, spiritual. when we are really on point– it moves from harmony to symphony! i am not there yet…

the one habit that i add is prayer. these previous habits are primarily focused on ourselves. prayer helps us get out of ourselves and focus on God and others. in our society, it seems like people like mentioning mediation and mindfulness. as a christian, these come under the larger umbrella of prayer. since we all pray differently and there is no one right way, we have to find what is most effective for each of us. prayer will help us focus on the good of others: help us to love. and prayer helps us remember that God– not ourselves– is the real and ultimate source of energy. however we pray, we are at our best when we do a lot of it and pray regularly.

when i am right and consistent with my time in prayer, life is indeed more harmonious. it sounds like a trite axiom but this is true for me: prayer changes the one who prays. realizing that the Spirit is already here to help and guide us through the Gifts of the Spirit– such as wisdom and courage– is how grace invades our hearts and being. maybe this habit of prayer can be called “the habit of the Spirit”

Lord, help me to find the right habits in my life that i may know, love and serve you more authentically. Holy Spirit, give me the gifts i need to be more of who i want to be: a son of God. may my actions today help me see your holy presence in all things and to do your loving will

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  1. DC says:

    This is awesome! Thanks Fr. Art!


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