random birthday musings

it is good to acknowledge people’s existence on the day of their birth. but for me, i just get self conscious.

having a december 31st b-day means i generally get overshadowed by new years’ eve. i have learned not expect much over the years

i don’t feel 58 today; i look forward to be 60, God willing. it’s weird to think that i am way past the midpoint of life. (IF i get to 100 that is)

when i ask my mother how old she is, she never remembers. so i might ask her, “then mom, how old do you feel?” she often will answer in her 70s or 80s. i hope i can answer like that someday.

i’ll celebrate today by actually putting on pants instead of sweats or gym shorts.

also, i bought roast duck from beacon hill bbq. lunch will be wonderful. i’m going to make garlic fried rice too.

i much prefer pie– any type– to cake. although german chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream makes me smile

yesterday, i saw that ciara –whose husband is russell wilson of seahawk fame– is hosting a NYE show. i had never seen her interviewed and was struck by her beauty. i might watch part of it tonight. (side note: i had never see meghan trainor either until a few weeks ago on tv. when i saw her my first thought was “boy george must be trying a comeback– he still looks young!” hahaha)

i have not stayed up til midnight on my birthday/new year in a LONG time. i prefer to go to sleep at the same time between 8-9pm. in fresno, chicago and long beach i would wake up when the knuckleheads would shoot off their guns at midnight.

over the years, i have come to value solitude more and more. maybe it’s a function of living a celibate lifestyle. although i cannot celebrate today with others, i’m okay with that. i look forward to when we finally kick covid’s ass though.

i thank God for the gift of life. it sounds trite but it’s true: each day is a gift– there are no promises for another day in life…

i ask God to help be live in the Spirit more and more, better and better– with all of its consequences.

one of my favorite quotes (from dag hammarskjold) is concise and appropriate for my prayer today: for all that has been– thanks. for all that will be– yes.


  1. Rebecca McCarter says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    If I was there I would make you that German chocolate cake!
    Steve and Becca


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      thanks becca!!! special 2021 graces for you and yours


  2. DC says:

    I also thank God for your birth and let your mother know we are grateful too.


  3. lannyjlarson says:

    Have a blessed birthday and my prayer is that all the other days are filled with peace and love, too. Thank you for your daily gift of perspective and positive promise. They go a long way in helping us forget some of our worldly woes and focus on our aspirations and reality.


  4. Well said, Fr. Art!! And Happy Birthday! May 2021 bring you much happiness, joy and peace.


  5. Nancy says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Father Art. Stay safe and healthy for the sake of your family and flock . May God bless you always.
    Your cousin,


    1. frarthurcmf says:

      thanks so much nancy! may God richly bless and grace you in 2021


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