learning the keyboard

i bought a keyboard this week

i’ve been looking at some youtube teaching videos and learning some chords and progressions. the inversions will be next. since i play the guitar, it is not as difficult as i thought it might be. i think a good goal for me is if i can feel comfortable playing chords with songs so i can sing along.

also, if could memorize a few of my favorite liturgical songs– like amazing grace, we are the light, and take Lord receive– i’d be happy

most of all, i think i just want to have some fun with it. the various sounds and rhythms that it makes is sooooooo cool! at this point in my life, music has become too important to me to take TOO seriously. but it is a gift of the Spirit– especially during this pandemic!

i am open to suggestions since i am just a musical hack. what should i keep in mind now that i have gone down this keyboard path?


  1. Lori K Pollett says:

    No tips from me but you have inspired me to think about and move forward with a musical pursuit of some sort. Also leaning toward the piano. Thank you for your continued posts. They cause me to pause, reflect and take action-in my heart or in everyday activities.

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      ori, your words inspire me! thanks for reading my scattered musings. i hope you do consider jumping into something new musically. as time goes on, i have come to realize more and more the importance of the arts and nature. but music in particular touches us in a way that helps wonder and awe burst forward in the world and our hearts. please let me know how it goes

      also, about a month ago, i had a wonderful phone conversation with el senor brazo fuerte!! it was a banner day. he is retired and living a cozy life on a lake near black diamond. he asked about a bunch of folks form our jfk spanish classes
      — i mentioned sean browne, tracy viken, maureen ward— and you too!


  2. Very nice!! For some reason, I figured you already played piano. If you’re looking for suggestions of songs you should learn, I would urge you to learn “And the Father will Dance (on the day of joy).” I cannot think of you in a musical sense without thinking of that song!

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      hehee– you mentioning that song makes me smile. that is one part of awakenings that i would dread! it always made me so self conscious to dance in front of everyone like that. i can preside at a mass in front of a thousand people and be totally comfortable– since i am not the focus. but i totally blush at stuff like that “father dance” (it is a good thing i am brown so it doesnt show that my face is red!) have a wonder-filled day!!

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