i’m gonna become a tree hugger: the gift of hiking

2021 will be a year of hiking for me.

in the past, every time i went hiking– which was not too often– i would think to myself, “hiking is great, i would love to do more of this!” well, thanks to my niece who is sharing her state park pass with me, i think right now is my chance.

last week, i hiked around saltwater state park near des moines. water always brings me a sense of peace.

it was cool to see the planes over the trail getting ready to land

yesterday, i hiked up squak mountain up to central peak. i didn’t think that a 2,000 ft hike would be too tough– but it was a challenge. i got on a wrong trail. the upper regions had ice and snow. i found myself on a minor trail that was hard to see because of the snow and i thought that i might be lost. but a with life, i meandered my way to the top.

mt rainier in the background
bullitt fireplace near the top

all i could think about on the way back down was a big hamburger at carls jr!

i really believe that it is “tree chi energy” that makes mountain hiking so exhilarating. i might not be able to carve out enough hours for major hikes, but urban hikes at kubota gardens and seward park could be done efficiently since those city parks are very close.

thank the Lord for the sound, mountains and trees. indeed, God is in nature. i would be proud to become the stereotypical seattle tree hugger in 2021!!

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  1. I love all the pictures! I’ve become a hiker, too, over the years. There is just something about being in nature that helps me unplug and recharge! I’m all in for the tree-hugging movement!


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