i have just a brief reflection today. it is spurred by a “zoom day of reflection” with four of my claretian brothers. it was a much needed connection. we were all ordained about the same time, so we grew as claretians and priests over the years

tony diaz, paul keller, steve niskanen, and jose sanchez are all fellow claretian priests but to me, are my brothers and friends. we all have unique gifts and weaknesses that we have shared with one another over the decades. together, we have experienced various crosses– and resurrection.

over the years, each of these men have done wonderful and incredible service in ministry. i suppose i can could write a long article on each of them

for today, it is enough to say to each of them “thank you” for being a very important part of my life. i am grateful that God has put us all on this path of life. i look forward to what the Spirit has in store in the years to come as we continue to develop our friendship and claretian brotherhood.

Saint Quote Friendship, Quotes on Friendship from the Saints


  1. stevecmf says:

    It was a blessing to participate in the group! We are, indeed, friends and brothers, men on fire with God’s love, weak, sinful men, whom God chooses and sends nevertheless!

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      amen amen my buddah bruddah!!


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