“new” life lessons

we priests of the catholic church in the archdiocese of seattle gathered for the first time in a year before holy week. it was at the chrism mass of 2021. renewing my priestly promises has always been inspiring to me.

and this year, my “yes” to being a priest is different from before. perhaps it is because i am primarily my mother’s son and spend the vast majority of time with her care as a priority. perhaps it is because i have been living outside of claretian community and only feel the support of my claretian brothers from a distance. perhaps it is because the covid pandemic has turned all of our realities upside down. perhaps it is because of the isolation as a result from the above factors that suck life out of my usual optimism.

who am i again?

for me, i write this blog to try to figure out what the Holy Spirit is doing in my life and in the world. at times, i am left with more questions than answers.

i recently came upon this quote about the ministerial priesthood:

To the full extent of my power, Because I am a priest, I wish from now on to be The first to become conscious Of all that the world loves, Pursues, and suffers; I want to be the first to seek, To sympathize and to suffer; The first to unfold And sacrifice myself To become more widely human And more nobly of the earth Than any of the world’s servants. – Teilhard de Chardin

could it be that i am learning anew what compassion and love are and how i respond to grace in my life?

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  1. DC says:

    Awesome question we face every day.


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