rainier beach chess park?

whenever i see a chess game being played, i have to stop and watch– if only for a few minutes

there is a unique energy where chess is played. it is hard to describe. maybe it can be called “mental testosterone.” even to watch the games being played is to feel the energy. there is a camaraderie, helpfulness, banter, silence. a testing of a new guy that now one has seen before. one guy i played at westlake downtown here in seattle a couple of years ago lit up a joint while we played. i guess he wanted a more chill vibe while contemplating his moves

i love places where people gather to play chess. some of my favorite places have been: downtown san francisco, santa monica boardwalk, and the pilson library in chicago.

before the covid lockdown, i had stopped by the rainier beach community center one saturday to see folks play at detective cookie’s chess gathering. there were a few older guys to teach the game and play too. it is a good space for kids to learn the game. chess can be a good counter balance to the hyper quick action of video games. slowing down and considering options and possible consequences and benefits of a move can be challenging for those who are used to a different pace when playing. it is a prime place to learn and experience patience.

it seems like that they want to expand detective cookie’s dream.

there have been plans to develop a chess park in rainier beach! it warms my heart that there might be one a mile away from where i am right now. here are the plans…

i’ll keep an eye out to see how this chess project evolves. it is hopeful!

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