the NBA…

the NBA… has the most athletic professionals in the whole world– any sports league not just hoops

the NBA…is better with the new play-in playoff round

the NBA…ought to do away with: kicked ball, illegal defense/offense, on the rim goal-tending, egotistical refs, divisional distinctions

the NBA…is in the forefront in allowing players to exercise free speech. of course, racists get mad since it tweaks their conscience. if you remember mahmoud abdul rauf, you know it began a long time ago, not just with BLM

the NBA…has the funniest color commentator: jeff van gundy. the best woman color is doris burke; candice parker is decent in tnt’s studio and easy on the eyes.

the NBA… show on tnt with shaq and barkley totally cracks me up. two alphas who just will not backdown makes for good drama with nba analysis. of course, it can get awkward at times. also, kudos for showing fans gifs during the show

the NBA… has been marketing the league with individual players since the magic-bird 80s. currently, the association favors steph curry, luca doncic, joel embid, zion williamson and lebron.

the NBA… will have a perennial cellar dweller in the okc blunder. and no one is happier about this that i am. yes– schadenfruede is strong in my nba spirit. bring back the sonics!!!

the NBA… would be ecstatic with a lakers-knicks finals. ratings would be through the roof. i would prefer the clippers vs the nets (which technically is still ny-la!)

the NBA… loves seeing the knicks doing well. besides that two week stretch when jeremy lin got totally crazy in 2012, they have been the definition of mediocre. the knicks are back to hard nosed defense because of thibs as coach. julius randle is a shoe in for most improved and has a newfound nba swagger

the NBA… must change it’s replay protocols. for me, the goal of replay is to get the call right. here is my suggestion to improve it: keep the limited number of coach’s challenges but anything can be challenged– anything; the refs in secaucus, nj could do the review for expediency and the refs calling the game should communicate to them through their headphones; if during the replay they see anything that could have been called differently, then that is what is called– it still must be crystal clear; just get the call right and get rid of technicalities and the arena should see replay and have the changed call explained by the refs in the stadium.

the NBA… clippers are better this year than last year. paul george is not clutch but a great player who can carry the team. kawhi is clutch and needs to get back on the court soon so the chemistry can peak in the playoffs. marcus morris, zubac, and terrance mann are all underrated. reggie jackson is too streaky a shooter for my tastes but love him when he is hot. the refs have blackballed patrick beverley. batum and ibaka are perfect role players for the clips. rajon rondo was a great addition– just in time for the playoffs. in the 4th quarter, the clipper team defense can totally lock down the other team– and i LOVE it

the NBA… has a new “superteam” in the nets. harden, durant and kyrie can beat anyone. we’ll see. i thought the same thing about the 2004 lakers…

the NBA… and korean dramas have helped me survive the covid-time while being holed up at the house. i thank God for all things: the NBA included!

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