a story on mothers day

i pray for a blessed mothers day for all mothers– especially you who read this post. or it you are not a mother, i pray for YOUR mother– living or deceased.

this morning, i give thanks for the gift of my own mother. in this current chapter of her life, she is like a three year old. in two days, she will be 98 in actual years. at times, i joke with her– like when i am tucking her in at bedtime– and say, “mom, you like my big baby now!” and she chuckles.

i inherited some of my mother’s personality traits. one of them is a strong will. growing up, i never thought much about it. but when mom and i went to my cousin sam’s wedding in california july of 1985, it became much clearer. in the kitchen one day, my auntie remy and mom started talking about their growing up in candon ilocos sur in the philippines.

then they began sharing of their time during world war two. when the japanese soldiers occupied the ilocos region, it was well know that they would just take girls for their war time purposes. so my grandparents sent mom and auntie remy– as teenagers– into the hills to hide. it was about five miles away. they essentially camped there for eight months during the occupation in candon. once a week, their brother, david, would bring them rice under the darkness of night. they spoke a great debt of gratitude for his actions that helped them endure this difficult time.

mom broke tradition when she did not give my middle name as ismael– her surname. my middle name is david.

i cannot imagine the emotions that mom– and millions of others– experienced because of the war. but i do know one thing: they shaped her. these experiences gave her a strength to do many things in her life later that she could not imagine. as an adult, i better understand her although only God knows what else she went through in life.

may the Spirit continue to bless all mothers– especially my mom– with grace and peace of heart.


  1. CHER says:

    What a lovely tribute to your “Mops”!!

    I never knew about all of that, and my gosh, cannot imagine having to do what she did.

    Please give a hug to your mom for me today, and bless you for taking such good care of her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. frarthurcmf says:

    thanks cher! there is a lot that we do not know about ourselves– how much more do we not know about one another? mystery in life is a good thing and it can help us appreciate what is real and right in front of us.


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