my 2021 nba playoff predictions

those who know me, know that i have no interest in gambling. i have been to las vegas several times in my life and i have spent $20 on the blackjack table before i get bored; i have spent no money several times too.

but if i were a gambling man, i would hang around the sports-bet room– and watch the nba games.

so, without commentary and no worries about the line, here are my brief predictions for the 2021 nba playoffs. these musings are more aspirational than actual predictions since i enjoy cheering for certain teams, players given the specific match ups. i also enjoy cheering against certain teams. i am a bit sad that i cannot cheer against the okc blunder since they did not make the playoffs this year. but i shed no tears for them. the only team i want to see lose is dallas– i am no fan of luka doncic.

so, please do not lay down bets with my predictions and then blame me because you have to take out a second mortgage on the house when you lose big bucks!

here we go:

the play-in finished last night so the 7th and 8th seeds are set: in the west the lakers and grizzlies; in the east, the celtics and wizards are in.

in round one, the 8th and 7ths seeds, the nets, 76ers and jazz will prevail easily. i predict a seven game lakers upset over the suns. in the east, the knicks will beat the hawks; the heat will upset the bucks in seven. in the west, the clippers will beat the mavs in six; portland will take seven games to defeat the nuggets.

in the conference semis, the clippers will beat the jazz in seven; the blazers will beat the lakers in the west. in the east, the 76ers will beat the knicks (i will shed a tear); the nets will sweep the heat.

in the conference finals, the clippers will defeat the blazers; the nets prevail over the 76ers. i pray for seven game series in each.

in the finals, the clippers beat the nets in seven games for their first championship. one of the big three for the nets– harden, durant or kyrie– will be injured.

without the sonics, my dream match up would be the clippers and knicks in the finals. i’d be happy with either of them winning it all

Logo Los Angeles Clippers: la historia y el significado ...
your 2021 champs– the los angeles clippers!!

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