changing our thoughts

i found a great quote recently. it’s attributed to alcoholics anonymous here it is: “move a muscle, change a thought.”

so here is a suggestion–just go outside and take a 20 minute walk. you will think differently as well as feel better. if you like how your energy changes, add five minutes each day. or just set your own walking goal. or swimming goal. or workout goal.

in the usa, we can come to trust the power of popping pills to solve our problems. not so in other countries. i found this insightful info in a recent article:

“Guidelines in countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Canada present exercise as a first-line treatment. Canada, for example, recommends exercise as an initial stand-alone treatment for mild to moderate depression and a second-line, or next-round, treatment in conjunction with other treatments for more severe cases. Guidelines in Australia and New Zealand view exercise even more favorably. Psychiatrists there consider exercise a “step-zero” treatment. A sedentary depressed patient in Sydney or Auckland will first be encouraged to start working out, on the grounds that lack of exercise could explain the depression. Only if regular exercise proves to be insufficient will medication and psychotherapy be recommended.”

the mind-body-soul-spirit connection exists– and it is a wonderful thing when we flourish in all these dimensions of ourselves. for me, it is the heart of stewardship: all that we have and are are gifts given by God. we take care of God’s gifts, develop these gifts for the good, and share these gifts in love. and then give thanks to God for all gifts.

comprehensive health starts with each of us; with our bodies; “move a muscle, change a thought”


  1. I’ve only been an “outdoorsy” person for the last ten years or so. And I always wonder why it took me this long to get outside.


  2. frarthurcmf says:

    good that you are doing it now!! that makes me happy


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