God’s will (part 2): the gift of mudpies

when i was a kid, we used to play in the mud and splash in puddles. it was a different era for parenting! but imagine a boy or a little girl pretending to make pies– out of mud. it’s glorious play: scooping up a handful of mud and shaping it to look like little pies. imagine the kid offering it to her mother with a big smile that says, “look what i made for you!”

an understanding mother would have a loving, surprised look on her face and accept the gift just as if it were a diamond necklace. why? because she knows what her daughter had intended: to make a gift for her– to make her happy– out of what she had: mud. it can be a beautiful moment of love and grace.

we offer God the “mudpies” of our making all the time!

when we– with good intent– desire and strive to do God’s will and share our gifts for the good of others, the Lord accepts them as acts of love. we are just trying to do what God desires! the gifts might be seemingly insignificant but the exchange may be full of grace. even if the gift wasn’t the perfect thing– it was a good thing and giving good things to one another changes and forms us

God wills that we share the gifts God has given us: the Lord calls us to love.

so today, let us make our “mudpies” with joy. and offer these gifts to one another and the Lord. through it, let the Spirit bless, heal and give us grace through it all.

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