cryptic homily notes for sunday

my fear is deep water. i know i will panic and then sink/die. i understand well deep water chaos as in today’s gospel

today is the 12th sunday ordinary time. the readings are here:

from the job reading: God answers job in the midst of the storm whirlwind. even in our insignificance, God still answers us and it humbles us.

we sing in psalm 107: God rescues us out of his everlasting love

we no longer live for ourselves– we are a new creation in Christ

gospel: mark 4: 35-41 shows us that God’s saving presence has power of all that threatens us. in this example, over the chaos of creation. jesus’ question: why are you terrified–do you not yet have faith?

answer the question: who is this jesus (in the midst of our storms)? the response can change our trust in God

what terrifies us? are there persecutions that threaten our existence?

covid; climate change—> hurricanes, drought, tornadoes, floods, wildfires; violence born of racism/bigotry; homelessness; financial ruin

life often gives us more chaos than clarity. we stand– together– in the whirlwinds/storms that confronts us. God stands with us as our strength. we are invited to trust in God’s power

we sing in psalm 107: God rescues us out of his everlasting love

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