you have more guts than pope francis and i have…

in july 1981 when i was 18years old, i had a right colectomy for cecal diverticulitis. i was in providence hospital for a week. it was the first weekend that the seattle radio station KUBE started; they played commercial free. i remember having it on during my hospital stay thinking, “this is a pretty decent station.” this was the only time that i have ever had a serious injury/hospitalization. i have a wonderful six inch abdominal scar to show off!

after i was released from the hospital, my friends and i talked my parents into letting me to to the annual seafair hydroplane races on lake washington. my buddy charlie was especially convincing claiming that he would drive me all the way to our buddy’s house on the lake and that i would not have to walk at all. well, that did not happen. with all the revelers, the city shutdown lake washington blvd, and i had to walk seemingly miles (it was probably only half a mile) with baby steps. it took me forever to get there! it was a great day after that.

because that outing was so successful, we then talked my folks into going down to the portland area for our parish youth minister’s wedding with the church youth group. my core was still sore and recovering but it was easier to walk around. one memorable incident at the reception was an elderly woman grabbing my hands and forcing me onto the dance floor during the question, “do you like to polka?” she proceeded to swing me around polka style. it shocked me and i thought my guts were going to explode. i somehow got away from her.

this past week, pope francis had a colectomy for diverticulitis. we have been praying for the pontiff’s’ health and recovery.

when i first found out what he had, i was reminded of my own experience with diverticulitis and the recovery. despite the many differences in age and circumstance, i feel connected to francis in an even greater way now that we share a similar physical issue and operation.

get well soon holy father!! and continue to help us all step forward focused in love on the kingdom of God


  1. DC says:

    If you were 18, probably any one over 30 was old. I will check the picture books.

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      that was a fun time don. glad we are still in touch! i pray for your, your marriage and family


  2. DC says:

    That was 40 years ago on August 15.

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    1. frarthurcmf says:

      that would be your assumption, no?


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