yoga-renewed energy

there is a classic AA saying, “move a muscle, change a thought.” i recently read a wonderful variation on this theme, “calm the body to calm the brain.” i am a believer in these axioms– experientially, it happens every time. in the holistic sense, everything is connected: mind, body, soul, spirit.

as a “morning person” i have always preferred exercise in the morning. i like the energy that is awakened for the whole day. with this bodily energy charged up, i pray with more focused awareness as well as write this blog with better energy too.

so, for me, good energy and activity happens in the morning.

this past week, i needed a total shift in my usual routine of resistance training. sometimes the usual exercises gets stagnant. so, i did yoga. over the years, i have tried it a few times– thanks to youtube! today i feel refreshed and ready to kick into a new cycle of exercise.

yoga really does open the body up for good energy flow. holding the poses/stretches challenged my body differently and showed me my dificiencies. just sitting cross-legged as well as that tree pose are on my daily list now!

after the second day, i renewed my qigong practice as a warmup to the yoga movements. i had forgotten how wonderful qigong has been for me over the years. by starting with qigong, the yoga was more effective. i want to renew my tai chi practice in some way too.

i know that for purists in the various disciplines, it is best to practice them all separately. i understand that sentiment. but over the years, i have become more pragmatic when it comes to exercise. perhaps it is the bruce lee philosophy of jeet kung do that influences this mindset– letting go of what is useless and keeping the useful. on its surface, all of what is useful in the same pot can seem a strange combination. i embrace being eclectic.

so, in terms of physical movement, i aim for a harmony among these elements: breathing, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance/posture– all of this is under the umbrella of chi development. it ultimately is all about the “energy” and the Spirit moves through it all.

this week, i want to do tai chi with some old friends –the huge pine trees– at kubota garden. i hope that they will share their good energy with me!

let us pray:

Lord, today I offer You my mind. May I seek the mind of Christ in all things Freed from anxiety and fear Filled with wholeness and wellness

Today I offer You my spirit. In You, I have been born from above. Your Spirit dwells deeply within me. My Spirit is alive in You– Freed from depressive thoughts and critical thinking

Today I offer You my body. May it be a temple dedicated to You O Lord; A place for You to live and reign. May I be mindful of what I eat and drink. May I be watchful of my sleep and rest.

Lord, right now I offer you my whole being. I present my mind, spirit and body to You. Come and take me as a living sacrifice. This day and everyday May I ever glorify and worship You. Amen

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